Ideas to Add Value to your Home


Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to selling the property. Having the right kind of home improvements can ensure you that your property will continue to increase its value. When you are in the rental sector, home improvements can not only make sure that your investment achieves strong capital growth but also command higher rent from tenants.

There is so much competition in high-end properties, landlords can consider making some important home improvements that will add long-lasting value to their properties. We have asked Richard Butler Creagh, who has a background in property development and is the founder of bridging finance company Henley Finance for ideas.

Clean up the garden

Maintaining a beautiful garden can be done in one weekend and will not only add value to your home but will also help create a good first impression among possible tenants. With renters now spending longer on rental properties, gardens are becoming a rental must-have. Keeping your home clean helps buyers see themselves living in it.

Fix and maintain the exterior

Repainting your doors and windows, fixing any defects in the exterior of your property and cleaning out the gutters will eventually help to add to your properties appeal and help boost your properties’ value. For only working a few hours you can add thousands to the value of your investment. Picking the right color of your home can also help your property stick out in the minds of potential tenants
Build extensions

This home improvement can take a little longer. If you want to let or sell your property fast, building an extension will not only add an additional room to your tenants and can also boost the value of your property by 20 percent.

Renovate your kitchen

Kitchens are regarded as one of the most important rooms tenants are looking for. Having state of the art appliances and well-maintained cabinets and cupboards are very important to have if you want to increase your properties’ value. Tenants usually don’t want to live in a place that is outdated and run-down.

Replace carpets

Ripping out old and worn-out carpets then replacing them with a new one or a hardwood floor in increase your properties’ value. Wooden floors are recommended because it is much more likely to last longer and has lesser risks of getting stained or damaged. Old carpets are a big turn off. Wooden floors are ideal and very fashionable.

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