Henley Finance on The True Meaning of Financial Freedom


 Richard Butler-Creagh has been in the bridging lending business for many years. He became involved with this sector through his experiences in buying and selling his own properties. He soon realized that the most important part of this process was to be able to have the availability of good financing. 

Here is what finance freedom means to Richard Butler- Creagh: 

Financial Freedom is not all about our finances, but also about our personalities towards our finances. It includes our principles, values, attitudes and habits towards money and finance. Even though a person’s wealth is abundant, if that is earned while destroying his honesty, integrity and honor, that person is still a slave to money, and therefore is still under financial slavery. Real financial freedom is having the ability to make good and righteous decisions regardless of whether he will earn or lose money. Thus, if you cannot choose the true decisions that you really want because you’re worried about your money, then you are still a financial slave. Financial freedom is not about the ability to buy everything, but it is more on the ability to resist and control certain things.

It doesn’t mean you owe nothing

Some people say that financial independence is the state of having no debts or no loans payable at all. Well, this is not true. Financial independence doesn’t matter if you have creditors or not. What matters are your abilities to pay in the short-term and long-term financial obligations? Thus, even though you are a borrower who has debts, as long as your creditors cannot dictate you because you can pay them on time, you can still enjoy and celebrate life with financial freedom.

It doesn’t mean you need to be rich

Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean you have lots of money, but it simply means you have enough income to cover your expenses. So even if you earn a million dollar a month, if your expenses amount to a million and one dollars per month, you will still be trapped in financial misery. On the other hand, if you only earn a hundred dollar a month, but only spend ninety dollars per month, you can be considered to have achieved your financial freedom. Financial freedom is about the hard work, patience, diligence and other qualities you have earned while maximizing your income. Moreover, it’s also about the self-control, humility, honesty and other great virtues you have produced while minimizing your expenses.

It's not all about freedom 

Well, if you’re thinking that financial freedom is all about being free from everything, then you are wrong. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Furthermore, not all freedom will make us happy, and not all of them will make us dreary. We must always remember that to be free from a particular thing is to be a slave of another thing. Thus, if anyone wants to achieve the real financial freedom and abundance of wealth, he should escape from greed, abuse, pride, envy, deceit, and laziness.

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