Advice on how to be on Top of the Property Ladder


Strategies to be on Top of the Property Ladder

.Richard Butler Creagh developed Henley Finance as recognised a gap in the market for a bridging finance company that had their own in-house valuation team, not reliant on outside valuers that would be able to assess the project in its entirety and taking all aspects of the development into consideration. Here is Richard Butler-Creagh tips on getting on top of the property ladder:

Property developers and investors enjoyed a few good years but now as the real estate cycle matures and uncertain events surrounds the extent of the potential for the future of capital growths, it is necessary to remember that it is not the outside world that defines success but the place you take as investors and developers. In order to navigate through the endless changes and challenges that will inevitably come up, you must prepare in advance to face these difficulties. So, let us look at these strategies that will help you reach your investment goals.

  • Invest in knowledge before investing in bricks and mortar. The most vital place to start investing is in you. But with a lot of information available out there, it is very difficult to know who to listen to. Learn from the people who have not only achieved what you want to achieve, but also those who have maintained their wealth over a long period of time. Surround yourself with likeminded people and get a consultant who will inspire you, challenge you and hold you accountable for your actions.

  • Marry your investment plans. It is very exciting to have big dreams but if the way to get you there is built with gold that you can’t really afford, then your dreams run the risk of becoming just dreams. You must remember that all blooms come to an end and over the next years you will be headed towards the peak of the property cycle. So as you enjoy your current phase, also ensure that you are financially prepared for whatever challenge that lies ahead.

  • Reduce risk. Strategic and smart investors look forward to the best of times to protect their portfolios in preparation for the tough times that will eventually come in the future. Rather than going forward carelessly, they take a more sensible approach by building an emergency line to buy themselves time to ride through the upcoming storms. They also own the type of property that will have continuous strong demand.

  • Due diligence before the deal. While normal investors buy properties emotionally, wise investors have investment plans to follow and adhere and will carefully assess any potential investment opportunity to reach their long-term goals. Investors know this will make their investment related decisions less emotional and the results will be better, consistent and predictable.
Remember to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best or in other words maximize your upside while at the same time covering your downside and you will remain in control of your destiny to reach the top of the ladder.

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