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Customers Reviews 

Henley Finance is a short-term bridging finance company specialising in loans for the professional property developer. The concept of the company was devised purely from responses to clients' needs, and the experiences of borrowing in the sector by the founder, Richard Butler-Creagh.
The relationship with our client is the key to being able to understand their requirements and deliver our promises. Consistent communication is an element that is present throughout the life of the loan so Henley Finance relies on people who share its values in business, making the process transparent and understandable for everyone involved.
Here some reviews from customers who have used Henley Finance:
"Richard Creagh provided an outstanding service who kept us updated on the progression of our application. He is very helpful and made sure our loan was completed on time" -John 

 "Really helpful, honest and very thorough - kept me updated throughout the entire process, would highly recommend using them to help cut through the usual noise associated with getting a bridging loan" Simon 
"Amazing Service. Bridge loan in place within a few days. Excellent communication. The only bridge provider you need. Best rates in the quickest time" Claire 
Find out more about Richard Butler Creagh and Henley Finance here, Visit Richard Butler Creagh Crunchbase page here and Connect with Richard Butler Creagh on his Linkedin page here. 
Watch Richard Butler Creagh video here:

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