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Welcome to Richard Butler - Creagh news Blog, Richard is a property and finance consultant who formed Henley Finance Ltd. It provides fast lending facilities and has a proven track record for efficiency in carrying out the due diligence process which is the most important factor from a legal point of view. One of the key features that Richard Butler-Creagh has built the company on is the repeat business. At Henley Finance Ltd costs are kept as low as possible in the belief that if their borrowers make money, they return with more projects to fund. As a result, they have never advertised and all business is from word of mouth.We like to keep you update with all financial news that we think is  important in today's financial market. 

EasyBit’s New Bitcoin ATMs Are Helping Texans Buy Guns and Gold

EasyBit, a bitcoin ATM network, has announced the roll out of four new Bitcoin ATMs in the US state of Texas. EasyBit’s new partners say that not only do the machines drive new customer traffic to their locations, but give customers an additional method of payment.
 “While Bitcoin has been around nearly 10 years, the concept of conducting business with this cryptocurrency is really starting to ramp up. One of the things that make Bitcoin so attractive is the anonymity aspect,” said Becky Tyson, Owner of Capital Coin & Bullion in Austin. “A customer came in wanting to sell a bitcoin that he received for work done. It was a successful transaction so I would bet he’ll be buying/selling again.”
“We’re enthusiastic about Bitcoin adoption in Texas and are pleased to establish a presence with four two-way Bitcoin ATMs in the Austin area,” commented Michael Dupree, Jr., CEO of EasyBit ATM. “Like our partners Capital Coin & Bullion and at Central Texas Gun Works who sell precious metals and guns we work to provide a safe, easy to use, quick, and compliant way to buy and sell bitcoin- giving a low-cost alternative to sending and receiving money.”
“We get a lot of people that come into the shop just because there is a Bitcoin ATM. We are very happy that it is here, it gives my customers more options to pay,” explained  Michael Cargill Owner of Central Texas Gun Works. “Customers can purchase handgun courses, firearm accessories and firearms with Bitcoin. Customers will call from outside of Texas, order online and use Bitcoin to pay for it. We ship to a gun store in their area who will conduct the background check.”
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